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Trained in nutrition, functional medicine and eating psychology, Staley Sednaoui, MS, CHHS, has been educating her clients about health and nutrition since 2009. As more and more people struggle with sugar cravings, blood sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes, her focus has evolved into helping her clients understand and unwind their cravings, reboot their nutrition, reverse their insulin resistance, and rebalance their blood sugar in order to achieve optimal health.

Staley's Personal Journey

My struggle with weight gain began at age twelve while recuperating from a horseback riding accident that required two months in traction in the hospital and three months in a body cast. During that sedentary period, I gained 25 pounds and a developed a huge desire for sweets … continue reading

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Stop Self-Sabotage

Staley’s primary focus, helping clients stop their self-sabotaging habits around food, combines functional nutrition with eating psychology to teach people how to efficiently and effectively end their destructive and exhausting relationship with certain foods and, in the process, regain their health and well-being.

The approach is holistic. First working with nutrition in a functional way, meaning understanding how to eat to correct underlying health issues which often create cravings and leads to sabotage. Secondly, understanding how to uncover and change the habits and reasons why we keep diving into foods when we know we shouldn’t. This is eating psychology.

Integrating nutrition and the psychology of eating is what makes Staley’s approach unique and creates results that are effective and lasting, especially when targeting sugar cravings, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and extra weight.

Hunger Journal: Roadmap to better eating and living

  • Has food become your go-to remedy for emotions and stress?
  • Want to stop overeating?
  • Want to stop dieting?
  • Rediscover your hunger for food and life with curiosity and compassion!


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Emotional Eating from Self-Defeat

Eating from Self-Defeat is what I like to think of as Self-sabotage #5 and it’s more common than you might think! Have you ever noticed how often we self-sabotage our eating out of our own self-defeating thoughts? “I might as well have the brownie because I can’t lose weight anyway!” “Oh heck, I’m having lasagna tonight…


Eating for Pleasure

Eating for pleasure is a huge part of what drives our eating. We all know how uninteresting eating becomes when we have a cold and we can’t taste anything. There’s simply not much pleasure in it. I remember reading an article about a woman who lost her sense of taste after a dental work disaster…


Emotional Eating Connected to Procrastination

Emotional eating connected to procrastination has become very prevalent. Together these intertwining habits create short-term relief and long-term misery. Do you ever use eating to procrastinate? If so, have you considered that it is a form of emotional eating self-sabotage? Here’s a classic story as relayed by my client Julie. Julie has a huge pile…