About End Sugar Cravings

End sugar cravings combines functional nutrition with eating psychology to teach people how to efficiently and effectively end their destructive and exhausting relationship with sugar and, in the process, regain their health and well-being.

The approach is holistic. First working with nutrition in a functional way, meaning understanding how to eat to correct underlying health issues which often create sugar cravings. Secondly, understanding how to uncover and change the habits and reasons why we keep diving into sugar when we know we shouldn’t. This is eating psychology.

Integrating nutrition and the psychology of eating is what makes Staley’s approach unique and creates results that are effective and lasting, especially when targeting sugar cravings, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and extra weight.

Staley Sednaoui - End Sugar Cravings

Ongoing One-on-One Consulting

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Our services are designed to educate efficiently, effectively, and individually to get on the right track quickly and successfully.
90 Minute Case Review Staley Sednaoui - Functional Medicine - End Sugar Cravings

90-Minute Case Review

This review allows for a single 90-minute session to review current health complaints and issues, and current nutrition and eating practices. This includes a review of labs, which is optional but very useful. This session delivers individualized …

Premium Package Staley Sednaoui - Functional Medicine - End Sugar Cravings

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes the case review (as in the 90-minute session), nutrition analysis, lab results review (optional), metabolism/hormone education, and personalized guidance in functional nutrition as well as the psychology of eating …