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Stop Self Sabotage To Regain Health and Wellbeing

An online course to get results quickly and effectively!

  • Learn what trips you up with food and eating.
  • Learn how easy it can be to reclaim your sense of control and peace around food.
  • Learn how changing your shape has everything to do with changing the eater.
  • Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.
  • Best of all: no diets, no punishment, and no deprivation.

Learn the same methods Staley uses with her private clients in this online course, which is designed to be completed in four weeks. The course includes an online presentation and downloadable materials to which you have lifetime access.

Stop Self Sabotage

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Get Help with Staley Sednaoui, MS

“I know what to eat, I just can’t seem to do it all the time.”   –Said by clients every week!

What’s keeping you from staying on track? What’s keeping you so frustrated around your weight? Is it your nutrition? Is it your hunger? Is it your behavior? Is it your attitude?

Staley integrates functional nutrition and eating psychology in a synergistic and individualized blend in order to address self-sabotaging behavior, as well as easy nutrition tweaks to create better health and wellbeing with food and eating.

Her work is not a diet, but rather an interesting and uplifting exploration into what makes us tick around food and eating, and what simple tools we need to learn in order to change quickly and easily.

Staley Sednaoui - Functional Medicine - End Sugar Cravings