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90-Minute Case Review (Single session)

This review allows for a single 90-minute session to review current health complaints and issues, and current nutrition and eating practices. This includes a review of labs, which is optional but very useful.

This session delivers individualized metabolism/hormone education, as well as an immediate action plan and recommendations to improve health and address complaints. This session will touch on the psychology of eating, but will be more nutrition-focused.

This 90-minute Case Review is most useful for people who feel comfortable with their eating habits but need more work on their functional nutrition.

  • 90 Minutes
  • Overview of Current Complaints
  • Overview of Current Issues
  • Overview of Current Nutrition
  • Overview of Current Eating Practices
  • Individualized Metabolism Education
  • Individualized Hormone Education
  • Individualized Action Plans
  • Nutrition Focussed
  • Emphasis on Functional Nutrition


Our services are designed to educate efficiently, effectively, and individually to get on the right track quickly and successfully.

Service - 90-Minute Case Review (Single session)


90-Minute Case Review (Single session)


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